The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness. Level 1- Soul Restructuring

Class of August 23rd, 2018- A 6 Week Webinar

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Soul restructuring is the process of releasing blockages, conditioning ideas, harmful beliefs, and energetic imbalances from the soul by dissolving the electromagnetic charge of each process. These blockages prevent you from experiencing true self-awareness; a necessary step to activate higher consciousness and to become aware of your purpose.

Emotions and other energetic imbalances are also the cause for many ailments and diseases in the body and for the malfunction of mental processes.

Negative emotions have to be released while positive emotions can be stimulated.

In this class, Johanna Bassols, coach and founder of the Healers of the Light ’s Energy Healing Academy, offers a clear path to release these accumulated and active emotions and blockages to heal yourself and activate the process of elevation of consciousness. There you will learn:

Identifying the source of emotions

Resetting and increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic field

How to heal and reset your emotional and mental bodies

How to expand your perception beyond your physical body

How to activate your holographic DNA

How to connect to your energy centers

How to recognize your life purpose

And more! Over 19 guided exercises on a weekly live webinar format for 6 weeks.




Understanding the essence of the True Self, the purpose of soul restructuring, and introduction to The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness

In this introductory session we will plant the seed of your practice and set goals for our entire process of soul restructuring. We will come back to our awareness of the ancient knowledge of the essential origins of human beings. This will establish a connection that we will progressively enhance with each exercise for the next five weeks, to restructure the soul and to activate the process of elevation of consciousness.

* Live Webinar Discussion: The true self and exercises 1-3.
* Assignment: Review theory in chapter 2, the origin of emotions and ideas.


The Soul

This is the central chapter of this course. We will learn the dynamics of the soul and how it is composed of layers with different functions. We will also learn the practice of soul restructuring, releasing each layer of the soul from the electromagnetic charge of its negative elements—emotions, thoughts, ideas, and belief—and releasing ourselves from their effects on our systems.

* 1- hour webinar: Live review, comments, and instructions; guided meditation and visualization of exercises 4-11


The Soul (continued)

Second application of exercises 4-11

Review and practical application of exercise 15: “Awareness of the All”

* 1-hour webinar: Live review, comments, and instructions; guided meditation and visualization of exercises 4-11; second application
* Assignment: Exercises 4-11; Astral body awareness, exercise 15.


Understanding our multidimensional nature, how to recognize our energy, and how to activate the energy centers

In this chapter we open our mind to all the possible forms of expression of what seems to be an individual experience. We learn to identify how everything can be represented in a multidimensional way, and how we can alter one form of expression, or aspect of ourselves by manipulating another. This is the basic theory of energy healing.

* 1- hour webinar: Live review, comments, and instructions; guided meditation and visualization of exercises 12-15
* Assignment: Exercises 12-15


Communicating with our heart center

In this chapter we learn how to activate, connect to, and expand the heart center. This is a very important step toward achieving higher consciousness, as we become aware of our multisensorial nature. We stop relying on the brain for all things and start using our purest intelligence that comes directly from the energy centers.

* 1-hour webinar: Live review, comments, and instructions; guided meditation and visualization of exercises 16-18
* Assignments: Exercises 16-18. Practice exercise 15


Activators of stimuli, DNA activation, and recognizing your life purpose

In this chapter we go over some key points to understand the process of elevation of consciousness and DNA activation. Then we close our practice with an exercise and meditation to bring your awareness to your life’s purpose.

* 1-hour webinar: Live review, comments, and instructions; guided meditation and visualization of exercise 19. Stimulation of life purpose.


Live- Group Class- 1 Weekly Webinar- 6 Weeks

Your Instructor

Johanna Bassols
Johanna Bassols

Johanna Bassols is a law graduate and entrepreneur who found her life purpose in the most enlightening way, through a process that she now teaches in her books and classes: the activation of the DNA.

Johanna is the founder of the Healers of the Light, alternative healing academy. She created a unique healing method for reprogramming energetic imbalances, called the Soul Reprogramming Method, and is the author of the book series The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts at the time of your registration and ends three months after that. You can access it any time within that period of time and go at your own pace. We encourage you to start immediately and continue your practice without taking long breaks in between. This will help you stimulate the DNA more intensely.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course starts now and ends three months after your purchase. This is an activation and requires that you take action within a reasonable period of time. If you space your practice too much, you may not stimulate the state of awareness in the way needed to activate your DNA. However, all the videos and audio of the practical exercises are downloadable, for you to use anytime. Please remember to download them!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Please make sure that you watch the introductory videos and information about the course before signing up, because once you register there is no possibility to refund you, unless you make a mistake and purchase more than one class or errors of that nature. You can always email us if you run into issues of that nature.

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