1-The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness. Level 1- Soul Restructuring

Restructure your soul to experience true awareness

Release disease, pain and suffering through awareness of the true self.

The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness is an online course destined to help the student eliminate any identification with false beliefs, blockages, emotional trauma or negative thinking that could be blocking their experience of their true selves, a state of awareness from where they can expand without limits.

The entire course of the Power of the Elevation of Consciousness is divided in three levels that cover parallel processes in the soul, body and consciousness:

Level 1- Soul Restructuring:

In this level our focus is in experiencing spiritual awareness, you learn to recognize yourself, your true nature, by tapping into the state of awareness; releasing the identification with temporary identifiers that distract you from your true meaning. You learn to restructure the soul with practical exercises to reset each layer; letting go of trapped emotions, blockages ideologies and false beliefs which are the cause for pain, suffering and disease that separate us from experiencing the truth.

All these identifiers that we collect throughout our lives in the physical form create a subjective version of the truth that becomes our perception of reality. After restructuring your soul and releasing it from unnecessary elements that form those false beliefs, you can begin to change your perception of reality towards a more expanded one in which you are free from the limitations of the temporary aspects of life that we "think" define who we are.

A parallel process of expansion occurs in your physical body and in your consciousness too, but we can only perceive and experience them in a linear progression, given our perception of time.

Once these three processes occur simultaneously, you can reach higher levels of consciousness and experience a much more expanded perception of reality; fewer boundaries and limitations exist within the mind. Reality expands because you, the observer, expand.

Some of the exercises that you will learn in this class are:

  • Identifying the source of emotions
  • Tapping
  • Removing blockages to experience the true self
  • Resetting and increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic field
  • Releasing stagnated elements of the emotional body
  • Resetting the mental body
  • Recognizing your life purpose

And more. A total of 19 guided exercises and visualizations.


Separation from the truth is the only thing that can make you believe that disease is true, that conflict is true, that pain is true; when in essence these are all false beliefs.

Practical Exercises:

By re-creating processes that trigger thoughts, memories and emotions we can activate their electric charge, to then release them or to reset the organism that created them.


Through visualization we can bring awareness to the state of being prior to recording any false beliefs, blockages or emotions that changed our perception of reality.

Application to Real Life:

A course is only as good as you can make it be by applying what you learnt for your practical use in real life. We reinforce this application with a workbook that helps you keep track of your progress.

Your Instructor

Johanna Bassols
Johanna Bassols

Johanna Bassols is the author of the Soul Reprogramming Method, a way of restructuring and reprogramming the soul by stimulating its individual elements to bring them back to balance and proper functioning. She is also the founder of the Healers of the Light Academy.

She is an expert in the use of frequency words to trigger various frequencies and mental states, and an advocate for stimulating the activation of the holographic DNA and elevating the consciousness for healing purposes.

She is also an animal and environmental activist, and a firm proponent of a plant-based diet to access higher levels of consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts at the time of your registration and you have permanent access after that. You can take this class at your own pace. We encourage you to start immediately and continue your practice without taking long breaks in between. This will help you stimulate the DNA more intensely.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course starts now and ends three months after your purchase. This is an activation and requires that you take action within a reasonable period of time. If you space your practice too much, you may not stimulate the state of awareness in the way needed to activate your DNA. However, all the videos and audio of the practical exercises are downloadable, for you to use anytime. Please remember to download them!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Please make sure that you watch the introductory videos and information about the course before signing up, because once you register there is no possibility to refund you, unless you make a mistake and purchase more than one class or errors of that nature. You can always email us if you run into issues of that nature.

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